Seven - Deadly Revelation

Hello my friend! Imagine a thrillerin which you play the leading role and every decision you makechanges the story!Welcome to Seven!

The psychological thriller for your mobile phone with over 3.1 million players.

Over 3.1 million players

Over 3.1 million enthusiastic players with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 ★ make Seven to one of the most popular mobile scary games.

Incredible atmosphere

Through the nerve-racking story and the interaction via a realistic messenger, you will quickly fall under the spell of Seven and experience a psycho trip that will not let you go.

The first interactive novel

Books and novels were yesterday ... in Seven you play the leading role and determine the course and outcome of the thriller with each of your decisions. You have seven days time! Seven days!

Seven - Deadly Revelation

Seven - Deadly Revelation is the first part of the series! An incredibly gripping psychological thriller in real time. The personified evil contacts you via your mobile phone and creates breathless high tension! Your decisions influence the course and end of the story. Dive into the deepest abysses of the human soul and experience a captivating psycho trip that will never let you go!

Seven - Endgame (Part 2)

Seven: Endgame, the sequel to the hit interactive thriller. Just when you thought the horror had come to an end and you could live in safety from now on, the evil strikes again. An eerie stranger contacts you and forces you to make life and death decisions. He corners you and threatens the people you care about. Follow the clues in pictures, on the Messenger, on documents and in the calls of the dangerous stranger. Find out who is behind the mask and save the lives of your loved ones.

To make the gaming experience even more intense, a lot of attention has been paid to incorporating even more choices and unexpected twists to keep the tension high at all times. Also, the length of the story has been doubled in comparison to the first part and so the story of Seven - Endgame contains more than 80.000 words.

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